What not to do in Life:

Living outside my means

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Chasing Anything

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Becoming a Juggler

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Living in Ego

Living in my own ideas of beauty and strength while forgetting about the world around me sounds like a terrible plan. I don’t want to live for only myself, I want to provide for the world while putting my desires and ego last.

Never working

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Forgetting Strength

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Playing Zero-Sum Games

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Action Items:

  1. Living Outside my means: Keep a continuous budget of how I’m spending my money
  2. Chasing anything: Daily Self-Reflection
  3. Living in Ego: Make someone’s day everyday, and never make demeaning jokes
  4. Never Working: Have a project that I can work on daily, get into the flow state every day
  5. Forgetting Strength: Daily Meditation, workouts, and learning
  6. Playing Zero-Sum Games: Have a reason why for embarking on any project. Write it down where you can see it every day.



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Aniket Majumder

Aniket Majumder


I’m Aniket, and I’m interested in how we can make humans fundamentally better through better disease prevention and innovation.