The Power of an hour

For the past hour, I’ve been spending my time giving feedback to a community full of writers and creators. Throughout the entire process, I’ve been thinking what I could’ve done with that hour.

I could have:

  • Spent the hour listening to music
  • Worked out
  • Watched some Youtube/listened to music
  • Gone to bed
  • Stayed still for one hour
  • Published an article

No matter what I could have done, I would have done something. I can’t escape that time, and even if I was frozen, that time still would have passed.

The Circle

You’re probably wondering why I just had a circle at the top, with the radius emphasized. Well, the best way to think of time and effort is as a radius. The circle, or at least the outside of the circle, represents results. No matter what I could have done in that hour, I would’ve gone somewhere. I could have gone backwards, forwards, sideways, and anyway in between. I would not have stayed stationary. Nothing stays still, especially involving work. The situation always changes. Every moment is a circle and a radius in that regard, and it constantly changes. With that, what’s the best way to go forward with your radius?


With any decision that you have to make, you have to use a proper framework. Even if you think that you’re making it on the spot, millions of micro events back you up until this point. Your mindset is the foundation for the construction of the idea. If you have a good mindset, then you will have a good result, and vice versa.

My Good Mindset

There is no universal good mindset. There has to be an individual journey to lead up to it, and only then can there be an effective system. I’d say my good system comes in thought. It seems like my thoughts can run wild, and I can be pushed back on bad habits if I’m stuck in the same system with ‘nothing’ to do. I’ve been trying to shock the mind to get back in a state where I want to do the things I want and need to do. If I’m thinking some thoughts that push me out of my zone, I do some pushups until failure and continue out.

The Bad Mindset

Although there isn’t a universal good mindset, there absolutely is a universal bad mindset. This bad mentality is of laziness, greed, and anger. Nothing good can come from these three things, and these ideas push you back. This mindset is part of everyone, and hiding it only makes the bad creep up. Accepting it, and letting the good mindset win is one battle that is hard to win yet it is one that we need to fight.


Iteration is king. There is no system that works the first time it is implemented. Changing and editing the system and the mindset will lead to the results desired. Blessings won’t come from wishing, they come from action. Changing what doesn’t work and changing what works into something better will grant good things, but setting anything up for failure and saying that you gave it your best shot will not help. Change is the only constant, you may as well use it for you.

Action Items:

  • Identify the bad mindset
  • Build something with a good mindset, and time how much time it takes you
  • Iterate on the good mindset

Hi, I’m Aniket! If you want to contact me about anything, here’s my Linkedin and my email:



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Aniket Majumder

Aniket Majumder

I’m Aniket, and I’m interested in how we can make humans fundamentally better through better disease prevention and innovation.