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  • Anamika Majumder

    Anamika Majumder

  • Ronit Prasad

    Ronit Prasad

  • Veranika Prilutskaya

    Veranika Prilutskaya

    I build the products leveraging data

  • Klara Zietlow

    Klara Zietlow

    14 year old innovator at the Knowledge Society. Growing every day.

  • Henri Klein

    Henri Klein

    17 years old UI Designer and Developer interested in augmented reality and space exploration.

  • Bagavan Marakathalingasivam

    Bagavan Marakathalingasivam

    A 14-year-old passionate kid whose one goal is wanting to impact the world | AI Enthusiast | Innovator @The Knowledge Society

  • Jets II

    Jets II

  • Dev Patel

    Dev Patel

    17 y/o innovator passionate about using AI to revolutionize emerging fields like autonomous vehicles and space tech.

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