Day 1

The first day of video classes was interesting to say the least. Before March 2020 rolled around, I’d never used my camera, and the only time I’d heard the word ‘Zoom’ was with speed. The first day everything ran weirdly. Meetings still worked, but people’s internet gave up, background noise overcame people’s voices, and random pets knocked over cameras. The one thing it wasn’t was boring. No first day is. Emotion rolls in, with hype, excitement, and anxiety all combining into one thing. The second day loses these feelings, and with more experience and understanding the days start to mesh together.


The simplest way to bring back that Day 1 excitement day after day is to do something new. The risk of doing something new is directly correlated with the amount of enjoyment and thrill you get. Taking some form of a daily risk is the way to get some of that excitement there. Some good risks to take:

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Fast
  • Make someone laugh
  • Go electronic free for a day

Every risk here has failure, and no risk that is worth taking is a guaranteed success. But that failure makes these risks exciting.


There are truly an infinite amount of new things to do in a day. Even in that day, we have 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds. Every second can be different from the previous one. There should be no copying in day to day life, as there just isn’t a mathematical opportunity to. If we live our entire lives in the timespan of nothing but a universal blink, copying days should not exist.


Experiments are always fun to do simply because of the results. In a scientific sense, we can see what works to create fantastic technologies and techniques for the world. In a personal sense, we can craft the best day for ourselves. Every moment can be an experiment, meaning that we can create the best future for ourselves through continuous trial and error. The excitement of reaching perfection cannot be matched, as we can feel the effects of our experiments to make ourselves better.

Day 100 excitement

Excitement doesn’t just disappear forever. I find that whenever I go deeper into a subject, I’m able to find newer excitement and exhilaration. The initial interest can soon turn into fodder for building out whatever I want to do. Day 1 isn’t the only time something gets exciting.


Stick with something, change up some routines, and don’t be boring.

I’m Aniket, and I’m curious about how we can make the human experience better. If you would like to contact me, here is my Linkedin.



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Aniket Majumder

Aniket Majumder

I’m Aniket, and I’m interested in how we can make humans fundamentally better through better disease prevention and innovation.