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The first day of video classes was interesting to say the least. Before March 2020 rolled around, I’d never used my camera, and the only time I’d heard the word ‘Zoom’ was with speed. The first day everything ran weirdly. Meetings still worked, but people’s internet gave up, background noise overcame people’s voices, and random pets knocked over cameras. The one thing it wasn’t was boring. No first day is. Emotion rolls in, with hype, excitement, and anxiety all combining into one thing. …

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I lived in India from 2010 to 2013. This was an unbelievable culture shock between my time in the States, with differences in school, food, culture, and sport. One of the things that fell under the radar for me was the difference in water availability. I had to use a filter, but I could still get a bath, I could still get good food, and I could live comfortably. This wasn’t the case right outside my bubble. Clean water was drying up by the day, and life 1 mile from me could mean a complete lack of steady, flowing water…

What if I told you that we had a way to make gasoline usage of cars much, much lower? There are no tricks, no gimmicks, just some cool engineering. And the cherry on top, this technology has been used by countries since WW2! Let’s go through this, starting from the past.

A History Lesson

Fuel ran unbelievably low during the years of WW2. Fueling cars, battleships, tanks, trucks, and infantry for the war effort made the amount of fuel available to civilians miniscule compared to the pre war measures. Fuel boosters had to be used in order for civilians to move forward. Many…

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Warning! There will be crude language and heavy themes in these songs and in this article. Go at your own risk.

I’m a huge Kanye fan, and there is no way that I can even understand his genius in his songs and in his sayings. His career is unbelievably fascinating, and it’s just a joy to listen to his stories through his music. I’ve tried to combine 10 mindsets with 10 Kanye songs from different eras of his career, and tying some Navalisms from Naval Ravikant in there as well.

Doing things that make sense:

Through the Wire, The College Dropout, 2004

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If I told you to create a full genetics lab, stacked with all the necessary tools to create the cure for any disease, the cost would be in the thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Funding is the biggest issue in the scientific world. Every other issue stems from the need to get money: Conflicts of interest, failed studies, and lack of information all stem from the need to get money. Cheap, good, equipment is the number one concern for these labs, and it seems harder and harder to sate that concern every day. …

What can you do with your time?

For the past hour, I’ve been spending my time giving feedback to a community full of writers and creators. Throughout the entire process, I’ve been thinking what I could’ve done with that hour.

I could have:

  • Spent the hour listening to music
  • Worked out
  • Watched some Youtube/listened to music
  • Gone to bed
  • Stayed still for one hour
  • Published an article

No matter what I could have done, I would have done something. I can’t escape that time, and even if I was frozen, that time still would have passed.

The Circle

You’re probably wondering why I just had a circle at the…

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The Ancient Stoics

Stoicism as a written philosophy has been documented from the 3rd Century BC by Zeno of Citium, but quickly evolved past that. Anyone from a peasant to a Roman emperor could follow the teachings, where they could love fate, contemplate on death, and attempt to be happy throughout the good and the bad. Memento Mori, or the inevitability of death is key to Stoicism because it reminds us that we have a short time on this world and we must curb our pleasure to find the joy with the clock ticking down on us. Being happy throughout life means avoiding…

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Whether it be spending an extra 20 minutes in bed or relaxing on the couch watching a game, we crave comfort. There is nothing that many would like more than to just sit next to a fire and think about absolutely nothing, bringing us that comfort of the world’s problems sinking away. Connecting multiple layers of seemingly unrelated items into one thing has brought comfort to many as well; the smartphone combined a cellular device, a camera, and an internet-using computer into one small box, and we can’t imagine a world without it now. What if we could combine physical…

Cancer is the biggest threat to humanity. Time and space does not block its power; it attacks every possible part of the human body, and is the oldest disease we have battled. We have tried to use every possible piece of technology to battle it, and yet we have only managed temporary treatment. Our fight with cancer may be immortal.

Our infinite fight

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On a biological scale, cancer is immortal. One of the key characteristics of cancer is that it can grow forever. Cancer can preserve its reproduction and growth abilities by maintaining its telomeres, or the preserving the ends of their chromosomes…

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Can we beat evolution itself? Are we the species to finally destroy the game the entire world plays? Ever since the discovery of fire, we have been ten steps ahead of the competition. With fire, we could get more nutrients while reducing the amount of time we need to eat, allowing us to create things past our immediate need for survival. With agriculture, we could create our own food instead of relying on nature, and we have created cities off of planting seeds. Jumping thousands of years into the future, we have the industrial revolution that has completely revolutionized the…

Aniket Majumder

I’m Aniket, and I’m interested in how we can make humans fundamentally better through better disease prevention and innovation.

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